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Jonix maps

Geolocates shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, clinics, offices, gyms etc., which ensure maximum hygiene and safety against virus, bacteria and air pollution

Jonix Maps answers questions like "Where can I cut my hair without risk? Where can I have lunch or have a coffee safely? Where can I stay without worry? Where can I make a medical or dental visit without fear?" allowing a quick and easy store location around your or at your destination.

Jonix Maps is the App for the community of people who like to enjoy life in full safety. With Jonix Maps you can be sure of entering decontaminated and safe environments, because they are constantly sanitized against viruses, bacteria and volatile pollutants from the air. Our technology is tested for its virucidal efficacy against Covid-19 by the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua. Jonix Maps geolocates all the shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and b&b, lounges, clinics, offices, gyms, which sanitize their spaces with high tech machines capable of air ionization, thus ensuring maximum hygiene and safety.

You can find more information on Jonix MAPS here.

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