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vmc 4people

vmc 4people

Non-stop air circulation and sanitization

Vmc 4people, is a double-flow controlled mechanical ventilation unit with heat recovery, filtration and a patented filter sanitization system that ustilizes cold plasma technology.

Vmc 4 people, allows Jonix vmc 4 people, filters fine dust from outside, continuously changes the air,  sanitizes  air ducts ensuring rooms are constantly purified  from bacteria, viruses, odours and suspended pollutants.


Vmc 4people keeps the rooms airy, healthy and safe, does not interfere with air conditioning or heating and helps helps retain the heat in rooms where it is necessary to constantly open the windows.The sanitizing action of the  vmc 4people devices is compatible with the presence of people (even children) and animals, because they have no side effects, do not use or release residual chemicals.

Prevent infections, make crowded environments safer

Prevent infections, make crowded environments safer

Indoor air which  is constantly exchanged/renewed and purified from viruses, bacteria, VOCs, particulates and allergens, are sanitized, safe and help prevent airborne diseases, disorders related to the concentration of pollutants (Sick Building Syndrome" (SBS)) and problems with the respiratory system.


The  vmc 4people, is successful and effective thanks to the patented Jonix system, which combines replacement + filtration + cold plasma sanitization for both rooms and the air ducts, for a complete sanitizing action.


Vmc 4people is available in two versions.

  • - The basic version features an innovative and patented filter sanitization system using Non-Thermal Plasma, which prevents the proliferation of bacterial colonies on the filtering surfaces that could be generated and spread to the environment.
  • - The plus version, in addition to the patented sanitization of the filters, also has the sanitization system of the air supply which maintains the sanitizing capacity allowing the inactivation of pollutants and guaranteeing completely sanitized environments after only 60 minutes of switching it on.
Prevent infections, make crowded environments safer
The advantages of vmc 4people

The advantages of vmc 4people

vmc 4people:

● it doesn’t take up space because it is designed for ceiling installation

● guarantees double safety thanks to the exclusive and patented filter sanitization system

promotes healthy ventilation inside the rooms, facilitating the correct exchange of air;

● allows considerable energy savings thanks to the heat recovery unit;

constantly filters the outside air, preventing the entry of dust and pollen;

constantly lowers the bacterial loads present in the air and on the surfaces of closed environments;

● it constantly activates volatile organic compounds (VOCs);

eliminates odours.


Vcm 4people device is certified and compliant with the German VDI 6022 standard “Ventilation and indoor-air quality. Hygienic standards for ventilation and air conditioning systems”. Thus it meets the design and technological requirements, namely:

  • ● reduced and easy maintenance,
  • ● absence or very little microbial growth,
  • ● good mechanical resistance
Technology and design

Technology and design

vmc 4people combines cold plasma filtration and sanitization system. The G4 filter combined with the F7 filter reduces fine dust and airborne pollen, ensuring a good degree of filtration of the outside air. The patented Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma technology constantly activates the air through controlled energy flows: in the ionized air, the reactive particles attack the pollutants, organic and inorganic, suspended or present on surfaces, deactivating and disintegrating them.


The special heat recovery unit allows significant energy savings and the high- efficiency fans ensure low energy consumption.


vmc 4people device has been designed to be mounted directly on the ceiling and  is equipped with a touch screen display through which you can check the status of the device and adjust the management according to your needs.

The microprocessor with remote control allows to optimize the operation in all environmental conditions.

Technology and design

Delivery air flows vmc 4people Plus

Technical specifications

Jonix Cube depuratore aria fronte

VMC 4people basic e plus
Dimensions mm: 1370 x 650 x 450
Weight kg: 71
Air flow m3/h: 500
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Power supply: 230V /1 ~/ 50-60 Hz

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