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 NTP: an evolved form of ionization

Air ionization is a natural phenomenon which occurs spontaneously whenever a molecule is subjected to the action of an energy process in which the total amount of energy is higher than that of the molecule itself. In practical terms, when we add energy to a molecule, the latter "pulls" an electron from the outermost part of the molecule and, as a result of the electrical imbalance, the molecule (atom) takes on the positive electrical charge. 


The NTP technology artificially creates ionization of air through the so-called "Cold Plasma".

NTP is therefore a physical phenomenon generated at room temperature, which uses the air as a gaseous mixture transforming it into an ionized gas consisting of various electrically charged particles: electrons, ions, atoms and molecules that collide with each other producing oxidizing species; the reactivity of particles causes oxidation phenomena able to disaggregate volatile organic compounds, bacteria, microorganisms, odours.

The "freed" electron from the outer orbit is fixed immediately onto another atom that takes on a negative electric charge.  Each atom has a well defined probability of becoming a negative or positive atom depending on the saturation of the peripheral crown.  In nature, ions are produced by solar radiation, by friction of the winds on the surface of the earth, by thunderstorms, rain and other atmospheric events, by the absorption of cosmic rays, by the collision of particles with kinetic energy. 




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