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Jonix up IN

Jonix up IN

Compact and powerful, designed for small spaces with high traffic (like lifts, cubicles and offices)

Jonix up IN is a perpetual sanitisation and decontamination unit for surfaces and indoor air that uses cold-plasma technology, designed for small environments such as lifts, cubicles, changing rooms, fitting rooms or particularly quiet rooms such as offices or study areas. Jonix up IN is a simple, essential and effective device, which can be installed on the wall or ceiling, with the possibility of modulating the fan speed, the hourly productivity of the sanitising airflow and controlling it remotely.


Pure living

Pure living

JONIX UP IN with advanced cold-plasma technology constantly eliminates bacteria, moulds, viruses (including Covid-19), chemical pollutants, VOCs and odours, for the bacterial decontamination of the internal surfaces of the ducts and the air in transit. JONIX UP IN has been designed to be positioned inside lifts, cubicles, small spaces. It does not create any kind of problem for the health of animals and people, including the elderly, children and pregnant women who stay, even for prolonged periods of time, inside these sanitised environments.

The constantly sanitised and ionised air contributes to the physiological improvement of respiratory functions, the reduction of work stress, also with the purpose of protecting and supporting health in indoor environments.


Pure living


The JONIX UP IN has been designed to be positioned inside lifts, but, due to its compact shape and its sanitising action, it can be used in many other environments with reduced dimensions such as offices, changing rooms, cubicles, dressing rooms, bathrooms, closets, waiting rooms for medical and veterinary offices. It can be placed both on the ceiling and on a wall.

The JONIX UP IN is supplied with wiring and only needs to be connected to a 230V / ~ 1 / 50Hz power socket.




The heart of JONIX UP IN is Non-Thermal Plasma, an advanced form of air ionisation, with a high power to reduce microbiological and chemical agents. Non-Thermal Plasma is a natural physical phenomenon: it is an ionised gas, consisting of electrically charged particles, which, colliding with each other, produce oxidizing species capable of eliminating pollutants continuously and in a prolonged way, without generating residual substances.


The advantages of JONIX UP IN

High efficiency: non-stop reduction of the microbial load and volatile organic compounds up to 99% compared to the initial concentration. Effectiveness tested against Covid-19 by the University of Padua

- Natural Process: It does not use or produce residual chemicals. It sanitises/purifies the air and the internal surfaces of lifts, continuously, without side effects.

- Strong deodorising action: quickly eliminates odours from the air.

- Health protection: there are no contraindications, thanks to a technology tested and used in the medical, food and pharmaceutical fields.


Jonix Up In

Dimensions mm: 300 x 300 x 90 / (inch) 11.8 x 11.8 x 3.5
Weight kg: 4.5 / (lb) 9.9
Air flow m3/h: 35 - 60 – 90 / (ft3/h) 1236 – 2118 - 3178
Max power absorption (W): 16 - 21 - 27
Power supply: 230 V / ~ 1/50 Hz
Built-in control electronics:
device status also visible remotely
Type of Ventilation: from bottom to top

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