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About jonix

About jonix

Since 2013 we have been taking care of the air you breathe and the environments where you live: we work for a healthier present and a future of shared wellbeing


JONIX: research - technology - value - well-being

We are an Italian company that researches, designs and develops, entirely in Italy, innovative devices and systems for the sanitisation and decontamination of indoor environments with the Non-Thermal Plasma technology (non-thermal plasma - cold plasma).

Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma is an advanced, effective and safe form of air ionisation, which we study and test in our scientific department, the Jonix Lab. We test this technology both in the field of prevention and protection from indoor pollution and in sectors linked to eco-sustainable development such as water purification and soilless agriculture.


We have chosen to support a responsible business and growth model, aimed at creating shared well-being and we have enshrined it in our statute, becoming a benefit company, to increase the positive impact on the environment, society, and people, of our actions in terms of solutions, products and values.

Jonix brings Italian research, technology and design to the world thanks to an ecosystem of selected partners specialised in air treatment: Jonix sanitised air is currently breathed in 46 countries around the world with over 20,000 devices installed.




We are experts in air treatment: chemists, biologists, technicians, managers and sales personnel with roots in Veneto, Emilia, Tuscany and reaching the world. We are passionate leaders in our field, gifted with that flexible creativity that only experience can bring. We are young graduates with the energy of those who want to experiment and absorb as much as possible. And we build every project and every day by working in constant dialogue and mutual learning: our strength is the osmosis of knowledge, the synergy between the freshness of those who are at the beginning of their journey and the practical wisdom of those who have already seen and learnt a lot.


For us, this means being a competent and flexible team, fast and light, which moves in harmony. Like flocks of migratory birds, we know how to change attitude promptly, based on needs, re-establishing balance and giving immediate answers to even complex situations. Men and women, together. We do not need quotas for women in Jonix: strategic roles are occupied by those who actually demonstrate that they have the skills, regardless of their gender. And in many cases, they are women: as evidenced by the roles they occupy in commercial and marketing management, administrative management, scientific management and production management.


On the back of its experience in the field of indoor air quality equipment, JONIX has a dedicated research team that works in collaboration with several universities and supports companies for the certification of indoor environments.

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