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Depuratore Aria Jonix per settore scolastico


Jonix for securing school environments 

Breathe better to learn more

From 3 years onwards (in many cases even as early as 15 months) children spend most of their days at school and in connected premises such as gyms. From 8 am to 4 pm or even up to 6 pm, the air they breathe is that of the environments that host them and directly affects their well-being. And not only due to pathogens such as viruses and bacteria that can carry diseases and infections but also due to the presence of volatile pollutants constantly emitted by building materials, paints, furnishings and cleaning products. Some of these factors result from aging infrastructure and inadequate maintenance; others can also be found in new or newly renovated buildings. Poor air quality in schools has numerous harmful effects on children and staff: it increases the spread of airborne diseases (such as Covid-19), worsens asthma, headaches, fatigue, nausea and skin rashes. It can impair learning and increase behavioral disorders.


Jonix Non-Thermal plasma to sanitise classrooms, canteens, school buildings

The Non-Thermal Plasma technology present in Jonix devices is particularly suitable for use in densely populated environments such as schools because, thanks to its constant and prolonged usage, it breaks down all pollutants, making the air healthier while these spaces are being populated. There are numerous schools that have included our devices in their environments: Jonix Cube, small and simple to manage and move in the classrooms, the Steel and/or Mate line in larger environments such as gyms, corridors, canteens. The presence of the devices has made it possible to continuously sanitise objects, surfaces and air, also effective against Covid-19, significantly reducing student, teacher and staff absences due to illness.


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Cube Line

In classrooms to eliminate contaminants, bacteria and viruses brought by people, emitted by furniture, devices and materials, ensuring constant sanitisation.With Cube Professional you can clean up rooms from pollutants and bacteria during the night, through a dedicated function: the device will work continuously for 6 hours, acting continuously on the air and surfaces.



Cube Line

Minimate, Mate and Maximate

To ensure maximum safety in the spaces where many people circulate such as halls and auditoriums, inside gyms and locker rooms to eliminate odours and maintain a prolonged and continuous decontaminated state.


Steel Line

In canteens to eliminate contaminants generated by people and odours derived from food, in corridors to ensure the best hygienic conditions for staff and students, in libraries to keep people safe and ensure the right conditions for books and documents.


Steel Line

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