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Jonix for beauty and hair professionals

Hairdressers, beauty centers, nail artists: well-being in the air

The world of beauty professionals is one of magic, of almost miraculous details: a snip of your scissors, a small adjust, a touch of color are enough to enhance someone’s face, revolutionise his or her style and improve people’s life and mood. Hairdressers, beauticians, nail artists, make-up artists, all of you offer your skills and creativity to provide service for others every day. And it is not a simple job, yours, on the contrary: it is tiring and also tests the body. Not only for the many hours standing or being in uncomfortable positions but also for the number of substances with which you come into contact every day: dyes, bleaches, shampoos, lotions, fixatives, which, although belonging to the category of cosmetics, contain chemical or synthetic compounds. Over time, these substances sensitise the body and can cause allergic dermatitis, rhinitis, asthma and can also, in the long run, cause chronic ailments or degenerative diseases. Furthermore, yours is also a public job: you come into close contact with many people who can, as is happening with Covid -19, spread airborne diseases among customers and staff.


Jonix sanitises the air and surfaces of salons and beauty centers

We at Jonix know the world of beauty well and we know that you are innovative and attentive professionals, eager to offer those who enter and experience your environments a safe experience from all points of view. Obviously, it is not possible to eliminate chemicals but what you can do is to eliminate airborne pollutants (chemical and organic), purify the air and decontaminate your salons and beauty centers. Jonix devices are tools for sanitisation, decontamination and purification of the air and eliminate, in a constant and continuous way, the harmful fumes resulting from the use of chemical products. They also eliminate viruses, bacteria and microorganisms from environments and surfaces (including Covid 19 LINK ALL’ARTICOLO DEL BLOG), ensure compliance with the regulations on Health and Safety in the workplace DLDS81/2008. With Jonix cold plasma devices (Non-Thermal Plasma) you can prevent multiple chemical sensitivity, eliminate odours and electrostatic charges. Jonix acts on the air quality of your spaces and improves overall comfort, adding to the well-being of the whole body, for the staff and for your clients.


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Which product?

Cube Line

Useful in rooms up to 35 square meters (376 ft2) to decompose chemicals, eliminate bacteria, viruses and odours, reduce electrostatic charges, enhance relaxation and improve breathing. Perfect for treatment rooms, nail artist stations, changing rooms, solarium cabins, small waiting rooms.

With Cube Professional you can clean up rooms from pollutants and bacteria during the night, through a dedicated function: the device will work continuously for 6 hours, acting continuously on the air and surfaces.



Cube Line

Mate Line

In the technical service preparation areas, near the technical service stations (coloring, bleaching, ironing, perms) and in all the rooms where you want to extract and filter the air thoroughly. To suck up powders and particles of lacquers and gels, to eliminate chemical compounds, bacteria, viruses, odours and electrostatic charges; improve environmental comfort and perceived quality.


Steel Line

Most effective in environments of 40 square meters (430 ft2) such as waiting rooms, treatment areas, multiple workstations, to eliminate biological and chemical contaminants and odours, electrostatic charges and ensure high hygiene standards.


Steel Line

Inside Fancoil

WHAT IT DOES: it sanitises the air that flows through; it decontaminates the inner walls of the units, the filters and the coils; it prevents the formation of legionella in the condensation collection tray.




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